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The Bald Mountain Tour takes you to a breathtaking view overlooking Shaver Lake and the Sierra National Forest.

First there was a cabin at Bald Mountain Lookout on the Sierra National Forest dating to 1905 and one of the first in the state.

It was replaced in 1911 by a wooden tower, and the current 20′ H-brace metal tower was built in 1934. The lookout was last used in 1979 and was abandoned in Oct, 1979.

The White Bark Vista Tour takes you to the Kaiser Pass summit. This is the start of the Dusy Ershim 4-wheel trail.

The granite outcropping overlooks the vast Kaiser Wilderness and you can see Edison Lake in the distance.

The five hour version of this tour takes you through Sample Meadow and on to the lookout on Mt. Tom, along Stump Springs Road and into the little mountain community of Big Creek and then back to Shaver Lake.

On the way to the Giant Sequoias in McKinley Grove, you will visit the Pine Logging Camp and the popular Honeymoon Pool.

Depending upon the season, you maybe treated to a rush of water at the falls at Bear Creek along McKinley Road.

The hike amongst the towering trees in very refreshing. You will see old, uprooted trunks, moss covered trees and a meandering stream flowing through the area.

There are six California SnoParks along Highway 168 between Shaver Lake and Huntington Lake in the Sierra National Forest.

Travel with us and avoid the possibility of putting on chains as you visit a great place to play in the snow with the kids. Bring a picnic lunch.

You can build a snowman, throw snowballs or slide down the hills on a sled, old inner tube or cardboard box. Bring snowshoes and take a hike along one of the cross country ski trails.

The Pine Mill Logging Camp is just off the Dinkey Creek Road. Later you will move on to the giant Sequoias at McKinley Grove.

The Pine Mill Logging Company began in 1937. It flourished during the spring, summer and fall, but shut down during the winter. It closed in 1979.

The most intense logging took place in the 1950’s. Families lived in assigned cabins. There was a communal cookhouse and a grades 1-8 elementary school for the kids.

The Mt. Tom destination is part of the package tour that takes you to White Bark Vista and through scenic Sample Meadows.

The region is teeming with wildlife and offers thrilling views of the Sierra National Forest as to reach and climb over Kaiser Pass.

As you leave the magnificent 360 degree views offered at Mt. Tom, you will travel along old Stump Springs Road, down to Big Creek and back to Shaver Lake.

Courtright Reservoir was constructed by PG&E to generate electricity at the unique Helms Power Plant at Wishon.

Water gathered at the Courtright facility is sent downhill to the Helms Generating Plant and pumped back from Wishon.

This allows for a maximum use of the water in this part of the Sierra Nevada. The two waterways have become very popular destinations for trout fishing and camping.

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