Bald Mountain Day Journey Tour

Five hours of adventure, exploring the moderate four-wheel trail to Bald Mountain.

Duration: 3 Hours     Cost: $295     Passengers: 4      Rated: Easy
From Shaver Lake we drive up Dinkey Creek Road for our first stop at the Pine Mill Logging Camp. You will take a short hike around and through the historic logging camp that flourished in the 1950s.. Then we travel at bit further to walk down to Honeymoon Pool.

This destination is popular with those that like to fish and others that enjoy swimming and playing in the cool water. Next we take a look at the historic Dinkey Bridge and then drive onto McKinley Grove. Here we stop so you can walk among some of the tallest trees in the world.

Finally we drive back down McKinley Grove Road and then Dinkey Creek Road to Shaver Lake.

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