Mt. Tom Day Tour Adventure

A wonderful way to spend a day deep in the Sierra National Forest. Bring your camera!

Duration: 5 Hours     Cost: $595     Passengers: 4      Rated: Moderate
The Mt. Tom experience has you exploring some of the most scenic backcountry of the Kaiser Wilderness. This tour starts at Shaver Lake. The first stop is Rancheria Falls, where you will take a short hike to the waterfall. The next stop will be near the Kaiser Peak Summit.

This is where the extreme Dusy Ershim four-wheel drive trail begins. We will follow it for about two miles to White Bark Overlook. Here you'll see a breathtaking view of the forest and Edison Lake in the distance. Next we drive through Sample Meandows and on to Mt. Tom. The 360 degree view at the lookout tower is amazing.

As you leave the magnificent 360 degree views offered at Mt. Tom, we travel along old Stump Springs Road, down to Big Creek and back to Shaver Lake.

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